At Schakra we have a passion for developing technology, and the uncompromising desire to drive a new model of software solutions, through a unique insight and a broad experience. We are a talented team of software professionals who grasp the online services space like no other, and are passionate about new ways to capitalize. We excel in Cloud Computing, Business Analytics, Big Data, Mobile & Web Applications and many other tiers, platforms and technologies. We focus on this mission from our headquarters across the street from the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington.

With a reputation for technical depth and for delivering superior quality, Schakra today has a strong track record of successful, complex software projects for world-class technology companies such as Microsoft, Vodafone and numerous business enterprises and public institutions. We are 60 people strong and growing, with the bulk of our team in Redmond plus an offshore branch in Hyderabad, India. In this team you will find unwavering integrity, the trust and confidence by customers in our work, and a commitment to social responsibility and returning value to our society.

Schakra is a company with truly global reach and enduring success fueled by a rare combination of ingenuity, technical expertise and professionalism. Our ability to predict trends, design exceptional solutions, and scale to serve a vast and global customer base has benefited clients like Microsoft, Vodafone, Boeing, Telefonica, and many others.

To know more, visit www.schakra.com

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