Solid start, more features coming

Since our initial launch, the buzz around Konube is becoming louder. Users have been continuously talking about Konube Integrator the more they use it. Just yesterday, another one of our Beta users has blogged about Konube Integrator. Daniel Neumann a certified Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) share his thoughts on the Konube experience.

Take a look:

Furthermore, Daniel has mentioned some additional features he would like to see in Konube Integrator.

One of these features pertains to adding more operating systems. We have been working on implementing this feature for quite some time and have made noticeable progress. Our upcoming release allows users to add more operating systems, as well as adding any custom operating system the user chooses.

Another feature Daniel mentioned he would like to see is choosing a virtual network for a VM. This feature is also being worked on currently and will be available in our future release.

Look for these new features as well as being able to connect to AWS in the next release of Konube Integrator.

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