Konube Integrator by Schakra

Following the announcement at TechEd Europe, Konube Integrator has been released by Schakra. Integrator is part of the initial release, which is set to be followed by a suite of other Konube products.

Konube Integrator is a multi-cloud solution from Schakra that works to deliver a unified connection to an external and/or public cloud from within your network. Additionally, Service providers and Enterprises can exercise this connection to get an edge in providing an integrated and consistent experience to their end users.

Konube integrator comes with an array of features:
• Connect to multiple public clouds.
• Use Azure and RackSpace today. RackSpace works on top of OpenStack provider, so you can connect to any OpenStack based cloud provider.
• Create, Manage and Delete VMs in any cloud from a single interface.
• Apply Quota constraints using a combination of Cores/RAM and Total Count.
• Easily isolate billing for each connection.
• Work with multiple subscriptions for a single user.
• AWS provider coming soon!

Konube Integrator can be downloaded from the Konube website as an extension to Windows Azure Pack.

One comment

  1. Excited to hear about more konube.com products!


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