Virtual Machine Template

Creating a Virtual Machine Template

  • Copy a Hyper V virtual hard disk image over to your VMM Library share. [e.g. we used the Windows 2012 vhdx file that came with the WAP installation media and copied it over to our share \\vmm01\VMMLibrary share]. You can use this article if you need to import the resource.
  • Sign on to the VMM server with an administrative account and navigate to the Library work-space in the Virtual Machine Manager console.
  • In the Home tab, in Create group, click Create VM Template
    • create VM template
  • In the wizard,
    • under Select Source, pick Use an existing VM template or a virtual hard disk stored in the library, then click Browse. In the following Select VM Template Source prompt, pick the virtual hard disk you copied to the library. (If you don’t see an bhd that you copied, click ok and next).
    • Specify Identity options: virtual machine name, description (optional). If you selected a vhdx file, the Generation option appears, select Generation 1.
    • under Configure Hardware, configure the hardware settings. If you have a hardware profile you want to use, pick that profile. Next
    • under Configure Operating System, open Guest OS profile  list and either select a guest OS profile or select the type of OS for which you want customized settings.
    • Configure the guest OS settings and click Next
    • Configure Applications if you have an application profile that you want to us.
    • Configure SQL Server as needed
    • confirm your settings In the Summary page and click Create
  • VM template success

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