Setting up VM Clouds in WAP

Preparing your WAP setup to make available the VM Clouds service to your tenant is a many-step process and it’s easy to go wrong in so many places making the process unnecessarily long-drawn-out. Once these steps are complete, your admin should be able to offer VM Clouds services:

The Admin view

The Admin view

And your tenant will be able to create and access

  • Standalone Virtual Machines
  • VM Roles
  • Virtual Networks (create VMs on your virtual networks and access them)
The Tenant view

The Tenant view

We’ve divided it into a few steps and made a mini-series out of it. Some of these have dependencies on other steps – so it’s a good idea to do them in this order. Some of these steps need only be done once – like registering your SPF and VMM on the admin portal (and we’ll indicate it where that’s relevant).

Broadly speaking, this is our list, and we’ll have a blog post about each of them.

  1. Adding a Hyper V host
  2. Creating a Cloud
  3. Virtual Machine template
  4. Registering SPF and VMM on WAPADMIN
  5. Administering Plans, Subscriptions
  6. Making VM Roles available
  7. Configuring a GateWay server for Remote Console Connect
  8. Standalone Virtual Machines
  9. Virtual Networks

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