Adding a Hyper V host

To add a host

  • Sign on the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) server with the service account (VMM_SVC).
  • Navigate and open up the Virtual Machine Console.

vmm console

  • Open the Fabric work-space
  • In the Fabric pane, click Servers
    • You can create host groups for easy separation of hosts
  • On the Home tab, click Add Resources, then Hyper-V Hosts and Clusters to start a wizard
    • On the Resource page, click Windows Server computers in a trusted Active Directory domain, then Next.
    • On the Credentials page, enter the credentials for a domain account with administrative permissions on each of the hosts that  you want to add. Then Next 
    • On the Discovery Scope page, click Specify Windows Server computers by names. In the Computers names box, enter the the computers to add. You can use IP or computer name. Then, Next
    • On the Target resources page, select the check box next to each computer that you want to add, and then click Next.
    •  If the Hyper-V role is not enabled on a selected server, you receive a message that VMM will install the Hyper-V role and restart the server. Click OK to continue.
    • On the Host settings page:
      • In the Host group list, click the host group to which you want to assign the host or host cluster.
      • If you are adding a stand-alone host, in the Add the following path box, enter the path on the host where you want to store the files for virtual machines that are deployed on the host, and then click Add. Repeat this step if you want to add more than one path. Then, Next
      • On the Summary page, confirm the settings, and then click Finish
      • To verify that the host or host cluster was successfully added, in the Fabric pane, expand the host group where you added the host or host cluster, click the host or host cluster, and then in the Hosts pane, verify that the host status.

And that’s it! Just a minor note: there is more than one right way of going about this so if you run into an error with the host discovery, remember we picked the trusted AD option so make sure to check your new host is joined to your domain.

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