Red-exclamation problem while configuring SQL in Azure Pack

Here’s something that might save someone a lot of time (also cross-posted on our Support site).

If, while configuring SQL Server database as a service, you run into a red exclamation point on the SQL Server Database menu item on the tenant portal and/or get an ‘unexpected error’ while trying to add a database, it may be because SQL server extension was installed in the wrong place.

Usually, this issue does not show up along the way at all, until a tenant tries to add a database. So the admin will go through all the steps of adding a resource provider without any indication that it has been configured incorrectly.

If you’re using this to configure your SQL server resource, it is important to note that the SQL extension needs only to be installed in one place (usually the Admin Service Management API database). In pre-configured Windows Azure Pack installations, this is installed by default and does not need to be installed again.

Hope this helps save at least a few hours of troubleshooting!

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